Talbingo is situated in beautiful mountain country, surrounded by water and Kosciuszko National Park.

Natural attractions are plentiful, with abundant opportunities for both bushwalkers and waters sport enthusiasts.

The town was built for the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme and the outstanding engineering feat of that era is showcased at Tumut 3 Power Station. Although tours have ceased, there is an extensive visual display available for viewing every day.

Fishing, naturally, is a popular pursuit and the annual " Jounama Classic" competition is a highlight in the town's calendar.

Talbingo Dam and Boat Ramp

Talbingo Dam is a major rock fill with clay core embankment dam with concrete chute spillway across the Tumut river upstream of Talbingo in the Snowy Mountains. The dam's main purpose is for the generation of hydro-power and is the largest of sixteen major dams that comprise the Snowy Mountains Scheme, a vast hydroelectricity and irrigation complex constructed in south-east Australia between 1949 and 1974 and now run by Snowy Hydro. The impounded reservoir is called Talbingo Reservoir.

Boating is a popular recreation on Talbingo Dam.  To obtain access to the boat ramp, turn left at the Tumut 3 Power Station and follow the signs. 

A buoyed off swimming area has been created on Talbingo Dam.  Many tourists flock to this swimming area during the summer months.  Follow the signs to the spillway after you travel behind the power station.  

Snowy Mountains Scheme

For visitors to Talbingo, why not visit the Snowy Mountains Scheme Visitor Display Centre, located at the Talbingo Shopping Centre? This display provides information on the Tumut 3 Power Station, as well as models of the Sn...

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Northern end of Koscuiszko National Park

The Koscuiszko National Park is home to many great attractions.  Many viewing areas have been established including Black Perry Lookout and Landers Creek lookout.  Kiandra goldfields has many historic sights and walks.  Yarrangobilly Caves is where you will find fantastic limestone formations, and a thermal pool whose temperature is 27 degrees all year round.  Many homesteads and huts can be discovered either by car or on foot. 

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Landers Creek lookout

To reach the Landers Falls lookout, take the Snowy Mountains Highway from Talbingo or Yarrangobilly Caves, then take the Cumberland Trail. The 4WD car park is approximately 4.8km from the Snowy Mountains Highway.

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Yarrangobilly Caves

Step into the depths of Yarrangobilly Caves and you’ll discover stalagmites, stalactites and delicate decorations like shawls and cave corals. Explore five caves created from a belt of limestone laid down about 440 million years ago in Koscuiszko National Park.

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Black Perry Lookout

Black Perry lookout is an excellent place for perspective, giving you a real sense of the expansive wilderness areas in Kosciuszko National Park's north. Pull in from Snowy Mountains Highway to enjoy breathtaking scenic views all year round. Bring your camera and binoculars for incredible panoramas, which are undoubtedly some of the best on offer in Kosciuszko National Park. ...

Travel 8 kms up the Snowy Mountains Highway from the Talbingo turnoff.