Community Information

Talbingo News Sheet, Sounds of the Mountains and Talbingo Library.

How to find out the latest events and community news.

Talbingo Library

The library is located at the Talbingo Public School in Lampe St. Open every Tuesday from 9-12 and 1-5.   A different author is showcased each month, and the local newspaper is available for reading along with all normal library services. Phone Shirlee on 69495344.

Talbingo News Sheet

This Community Newsletter is produced every Thursday morning and covers community announcements, activities, services available in town and the weather.  The News Sheet can be obtained at the Supermarket, Talbingo Country Club and the Talbingo Service Station.  Contact Melinda on 69494527.

Sounds of the Mountains - Community Radio

Tune into the region's local radio station on 94.3FM.